Renewable energies campus

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Sup'EnR is located on a renewable nergies campus at Perpignan, near the PROMES laboratory.

In the south of France, Sup'EnR has a unique location: all the renewable energies are present (solar facilities, wind frams, geothermal sites, hydraulic sites, biomass). The students visit all those facilities. Some exemples:

Unique solar facilities:

  • The largest solar furnace in the world in Odeillo (1MW-3000° C) managed by PROMES
  • 11 medium-power solar furnaces managed by PROMES
  • The 5 MW Themis solar power tower managed by PROMES
  • More

  • The largest building-integrated solar power facility in the world at the Grand Saint Charles logistics hub: 68,000 m² of roof, 97,000 photovoltaic tiles, 9 MW.
  • Solar powered air conditioning in Banyuls at the Terres des Templiers cellars.
Wind farms:

  • Opoul-Périllos wind farm
  • Rivesaltes wind farm with a folding wind turbine

Hydraulic sites:

  • Bouillouses dam
  • Vinça dam
  • Rodès dam
  • Penstocks between Font-Romeu and Perpignan
  • Marine energies

Geothermal sites:

  • Saint Thomas les Bains
  • Amélie les Bains
  • Llo
  • Solar thermal + geothermal + heat pump hybridisation in Saint-Pierre-Dels-Forcats


  • Massane forest
  • Shared pellet-wood boilers in Font Romeu
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Date of update December 5, 2018