Networks and clusters of excellence

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  • Labex SOLSTICE : SOLSTICE is a laboratory of excellence. The purpose of the SOLSTICE (SOlar: Science, Technology and Innovation for Converting Energy) is to create the country's leading research unit and one of the two leading European research groups in the field of concentrated solar power technology, including all conversion modes: production of electricity (thermodynamic and concentrated photovoltaics – CSP and CPV), synthetic fuels (CSF) and industrial heat for processing solids. The PROMES laboratory is the coordinating laboratory. Partner laboratories of the laboratory of excellence: RAPSODEE, IES.

  • Equipex SOCRATESOCRATE is an equipment of excellence. The aim of the SOCRATE (Concentrated Solar Power: Advanced Research and Technologies for Use in Energy) project is to create a national test platform with an international dimension to research concentrated solar power. The platform boasts all of the resources needed to conduct research and develop technologies for the sector – concentrated solar power in particular. The main objective is to improve and extend existing facilities. But the project also provides for the development of new facilities.

  • SOLLAB : SolLab (Alliance of European Laboratories for Research and Technology on Solar Concentrating Systems) aims at co-ordinating the research activities of leading European laboratories in the field of science and technology of solar concentrating systems. Sollab members are:
- PROMES (Processes, Materials and Solar Energy laboratory) of Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France.
- Solar Research Division of Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Germany,
- Plataforma Solar de Almeria of Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnologicas (CIEMAT), Spain,
- Solar Technology Laboratory of Paul Scherrer Institue (PSI) and Professorship in Renewable Energy Carriers of ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Fédésol : the federation for research into solar power has a set of laboratories throughout France. Created in 2010 by the CNRS, its aim is to consolidate, develop, promote and coordinate research in the field of Solar Power..

  •  IEA : International Energy Agency in which researchers-teachers from the PROMES laboratory are involved in their capacity as specialists.

  • SolarPACES : international network of researchers and industrial experts engaged in developing and industrialising solar power systems and technologies.

  • SFERA : European network of major solar facilities for research and innovation.

  • EUROSUNMED : Euro-Mediterranean cooperation on research & training in sun based renewable energies..
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Date of update April 24, 2018