MOOC renewable energies

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The MOOC renewable energies course deals with all renewable energies and is designed to be freely accessible to all over the Internet. There are no prerequisites regarding level of education, and no prior knowledge is required. It was set up by the UPVD and the UVED (virtual environment and sustainable development university).

The MOOC renewable energies course is made up of 75 videos, making a total of 10 hours of audio-visual courses
, almost all of which were produced by the University of Perpignan. It was scientifically coordinated by Professor Xavier Py of the University of Perpignan, who secured the involvement of 32 scientific experts from 15 different establishments all over France.

The MOOC renewable energies course is a multidisciplinary MOOC which does not only tackle the scientific and technological aspects of renewable energies (solar, wind, biomass, hydraulic, marine and geothermal) and cross-category problems such as energy storage… it also looks at the human and social considerations associated with them.

Freely access all of the videos making up the MOOC renewable energies course
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Date of update April 24, 2018