Engineering degree

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The programme is delivered over three years for students who have two years of post-baccalaureate education (preparatory classes for entry to the grandes écoles, DUTs or two-year technical qualifications, two- or three-year bachelor's degrees).

  • A progressive pathway
The Sup’EnR engineering degree involves some initial basic teaching about disciplinary and contextual fundamentals. However, the volume of this teaching decreases progressively with each semester and is replaced instead by theoretical teaching and training in the use of engineering tools. A progressive approach is adopted to teaching students about renewable energies. During the first year, they tackle energy sources; in the second year, they look at unitary conventional technologies; and then the third year deals with hybrid and advanced processes.

  • A necessary multidisciplinary approach

Throughout their engineering degrees, Sup'EnR students also attend courses in humanities subjects (languages, management, law, communication). These are essential for the development of renewable energies. Courses in these disciplines are taught by teaching staff and researchers from the ART-DEV laboratory who have specialist expertise in the relevant areas.

  • Regular opportunities to apply their expertise
Throughout their training, Sup'EnR engineering students have opportunities to bridge the gap between theory and practice – by undertaking practicals and working on collective projects, visiting renewable energy sites and carrying out internships (they are required to spend 42 weeks working in companies or laboratories). Engineering students are also able to make use of the “EnRMat” Energy and Materials technological platform.

Sup’EnR is based right at the heart of the Tecnosud solar campus, close to the PROMES (PROcesses and Materials for Solar Energy) laboratory, as well as the 2PME "Renewables and Greentech” company incubator and the DERBI competitivity cluster for stakeholders involved in developing the renewable energy sector.

  • Certifications
- Sup'EnR has been awarded certification from the DERBI competitivity cluster
- Sup’EnR has been awarded EFFINERGIE certification

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Date of update October 3, 2019