Skills and professional career opportunities

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Skills acquired

At Sup’EnR, because of the extremely diverse nature of renewable energies, engineering students will cultivate expertise in a wide range of areas. On completion of their training, Sup’EnR engineers are able to:

  • design, locate and integrate energy conversion, transport and storage systems.
  • analyse, diagnose, manage and/or optimise complex energy facilities.
  • understand and analyse societal, economic and environmental challenges associated with energy production, conversion, storage and consumption.
  • join an organisation, manage it and help it to develop.
  • use modern communications means.

Professional career opportunities

Sup’EnR trains energetics and applied industrial and building process engineering students, using a global sustainable development-approach.

  • Energy engineer
  • Heating and process engineer
  • Renewable energy systems design engineer
  • Research officer
  • Renewable energies development manager
  • Renewable energies project manager
  • Business creator
These career opportunities are naturally available with a number of major groups and SMEs. But increasingly large numbers of young graduates set up their own companies in order to put their skills to use. The University of Perpignan provides students with access to its own innovative company incubation service and provides start-up project leaders with appropriate support.
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Date of update December 5, 2018